C House

C House


C House is the Harvard Hacker House.

We're located at 367 Harvard St, one block from Pennypacker. For less than the cost of Harvard housing (and meal plan), I have no meal swipe restrictions, 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, and 2 rooms all to myself.

We don’t have a real housing day video, since we’re too busy at work, but I made this website: harvardentrepreneurs.com and

Over the last year, we coordinated 25+ friends to live on the same block. Our house members previously worked at places like OpenAI, Goldman Sachs, SpaceX, and have gotten funding from A16Z, Emergent Ventures, and more. We have also been home to startups such as Ostium.app and Xoul.ai, the youngest mayoral candidate for London, and The Augmentation Lab. Out of the previous off-campus founder house, four companies raised at $15m+.

The People

People (WIP)







DirectorHarvard StudentExited
Joining late August
DirectorHarvard Student
Joining June
Harvard StudentGraduatedCo-Founder
Joining late August
DropoutHarvard StudentCo-FounderAlumni
Co-FounderGap YearAlumniDropout
Gap YearCo-FounderAlumni
MIT Media Lab
MIT Media Lab
MIT Media LabCo-Founder
Other Friends/Invites/Visitors:
  1. Vinzenz
  2. James Ingallinera
  3. Jai Relan
  4. Arjun Panickssery
  5. Abhishek Jha

SF Hacker Houses

  1. Atmosphere
    1. Nick Ouporov from Columbia
    2. Nick M
    3. Sobhan
    4. Jake Adler
  2. Friends
    1. Archie Chaudhury from Adamnite
    2. Shayan Chowdhury from Columbia
    3. Arjun from Berkeley House
  3. Dropout Club
    1. Jeff
    2. Brent
  4. Petrov House friends


This Summer (TBC)

We’re affiliated and/or helping run up to 5 residencies:

  1. Harvard Summer Research Program on AI Neuroscience - Simulate Brains
  2. Augmentation Lab (Wearable AI) Fellowship - Build Personal AI
  3. Parallel Institutions Program - Defend Democracy
  4. Summer Founders Program - Startup Incubator

Historically, we’ve had an over 100% acceptance rate. Imagine how good we’d get with an acceptance rate lower than YC, Meta, or Harvard itself.

Location and Cost

  1. https://www.zillow.com/b/367-harvard-st-cambridge-ma-5XjrMH/
  2. Rent cost: Averages to $1636/m
    1. Covers furniture and utilities
  3. House Images:


  • Based and optimistic
  • Demographics:
    • 18-23
    • <50% male
  • Basically, we’re organizing founder friends to live together
  • Dropouts, rejects, founders, and current students who don’t want to let a fancy school name put a ceiling on their ambition.
  • Countercultural space for building a renaissance scenius at Harvard


  • Transformative” education: Attend courses, clubs, and conferences
  • Guest speakers/dinners: Invite successful entrepreneurs, investors, and dropouts (esp Harvard/MIT ones)
  • Hack Nights: Host the best hack parties on campus :)
  • Collaborative/Networking Events: Hackathons, etc
  • Road trips: Camaraderie and vibes
  • Game nights
  • Movie nights: Sci-fi!
  • Founder-focused: Work with Nick to support founders through The Residency
  • Content-generating: Podcast/newsletter
  • Free Harvard Classes: audit courses with current students!
  • Free Harvard facilities: “During the academic year, Undergraduate students can bring one free guest each visit to any Harvard Recreation facility.”
  • Free Food :)

Food and Nutrition

  • With the off campus meal plan, you have no restrictions, so every house is your house. You can keep your current house affiliation, try to transfer to any house until you get in, or switch to Dudley. Note that the average fin aid recipient would save money, and full scholarship students would get a housing refund.
  • Meal plans/prep: Factor + Huel
  • Tea cabinet
  • Nootropics + supplement cabinet
  • Shared pots/pans and cooking ware
  • Weights and pull-up bar in house
  • Sleep
    • Extra beds and mattress toppers
    • Blackout curtains, sleep-friendly lighting, and temperature control
    • Recommended aids: Orange glasses, sleeping teas/supplements/CBD, white noise
    • Weighted Blankets
    • Machines, Apollo wear

General Space

  • Air filters: High-quality air filters and plants
  • Furniture: Ergonomic office stuff, standing desks, etc
  • Techno-optimist AI-generated Art on the Walls
  • Cleaning Service
  • Focus-boosting music and ambient noise
  • Deep-working spaces

Wellness and Relaxation

  • Scented candles and fruity stuff
  • Incense and Oil Diffusers
  • Meditation living room
  • Speaker with calming sounds
  • Comfy seating areas, blankets, etc
  • Implement morning walks
  • Meditation bands

WiFi password: prayforconnection

Summer Founders Program
The Residency Programming