Hey guys!

My name is Lucas, and I'm an exited founder and community organizer.

I was busy yesterday at Hack Brazil, Extended Intelligence, and the Forest Futures, as well as helping with Harvard Blockchain Conference.

I'm skipping Church because I have a few opportunities I need to share with y'all.

So yesterday, Hack Brazil gave out $20k to startups. On the funding side,

  • Pillar had a $1m moonshot, and has a summer program, as do Pear and XFund
  • In addition to the Thiel Fellowship, OSV, and Magnificent Grants are effectvely giving out $100k investments and NFX and Soma are giving out $100k uncapped SAFEs. Learn more at bit.ly/LucasList

On Extended Intelligence, I wanted to share that I'm sharing GPT4 and Claude3 for free with effectively infinite credits. Please go to agi.cheap to learn more

On Forest Futures, this summer, I'm setting up the the Harvard St Collective. If you go to Harvard.co, you'll find information about our Summer Founders Program.

We're hosting four funded residencies, and partnering with up to four more programs. Previously, five startups in the houses raised over $1m at a $20m valuation.

So if you have a startup and want to build in a hacker house or incubator, please reach out.

Lastly, please give it up to Sophia and Julia and the hackathon team. There are some great student founders here. For your good, please find someone in the room you'll want to talk with after this is done.