Harvard St Commons

Harvard St Commons

Introducing Harvard St Commons, or the Harvard Hacker Houses

Where: Cambridge, MA

Why Harvard?

What: Hacker Houses

  1. C House: 10 founders
    1. C++ house: 5
  2. E House: 8
  3. The White House: 3
  4. A House: 3
Why hacker houses?
🌇The Golden Age of Residencies

How: Startup Residencies

What do you mean?

When: June-August 2024

Why now?

Who’s running this: Lucas Chu

Why me?

For whom: serial founders starting again

From where?

Interested in joining?

Apply at https://forms.gle/aXr5XN1gMCCNX2MN9

Interested in partnering?

Email me or text me at lucas@harvard.co or (424) 453-8881