The Golden Age of Residencies

The Golden Age of Residencies

Residency programs run by C House residents this summer:

  1. The Residency @ C House with Mei and Nick
  2. Wearable AI Residency by The Augmentation Lab with Dunya, Aida, and Treyden
  3. Collective Futures with Lillian and Alice
  4. Harvard Summer Research Program on AI Neuroscience with Shayan and Lauren
  5. 🧠
  6. Cambridge Seed with Lucas
  7. 🌱
    Cambridge Seed Overview

Partnered Houses:

  1. Harvard at NYC House with Johnny + Brent
  2. MIT Entrepreneurship Club SF House with Ricky

Having a support network is critical:

  • Selective themed funded and insured residencies
  • Multiple houses with 4-5 teams of 6-10 people total
  • 1+ organizer, industry mentor, faculty adviser, legal counsel, and investor per house
  • Each person controls their room, time, and experiences

Timeline thus far:

2020 - - largest researcher federation

“inspiring students to do more”

2021 - GZM - largest gen z builder server


2022 - - largest dropout founder society


2023 - Cerebral Valley - largest AI developer community in SF, and now the world

“Finetuning Vibes”

2024 - SFP - largest college founder residency

“Do great”

2025 - Harvard St Commons - largest Harvard founder community?

“The mission of Harvard St Commons is to build startups and startup leaders”

2026: largest university hacker house network?

University Houses


  1. Berkeley - Arcadia and Andromeda
  2. Harvard - C House
  3. Yale - Jose’s House


  1. Eudamonia w Vik + Trinity
    1. Senior year for HS builders
    2. Grant diplomas
    3. In Cambridge next to CRLS and Harvard
  2. Non-profit Accelerator w David
    1. “If you start from successful startups, you find they often behaved like nonprofits. And if you start from ideas for nonprofits, you find they'd often make good startups.” - Paul Graham
  3. MIT - AGI House Cambridge
    1. we’re unaffiliated
  4. CMU w Shawn
  5. 1. #1 CSRankings 2. Pittsburgh is cheap 3. Lots of old money and mansions Host around Bakery Square

TBD Expansions:

  1. NYC
  2. Brown
  3. Stanford
  4. Seattle
  6. Princeton w Jackson
  7. Rochester, Austin, or Allston

Who we get to work with:

  • Immigrant student researcher serial entrepreneurs
    • Half of America’s billion-dollar startups were founded by immigrants
  • Prolific researchers (without kids) that swear in class
    • “PhDs that could win a barfight”
  • Anyone you would go to war with
    • or who could break you out of a prison

“Don’t be self conscious about being an entrepreneur. Be the person that others hope you are” - Pandora founder Tim Westergren


Why here?

  1. We start early by supporting students before they drop, move, or graduate out
  2. We are derisked by Harvard investing billions into AI and Allston
  3. We are connecting Harvard with MIT, Boston, SF, and the rest of the world

“NY is a network. Boston is a community.” - Sarah Hodges from Pillar

House Friends:

  1. Atmosphere SF
  2. Fractal NYC
  3. Arcadia Berkeley
  4. Andromeda Berkeley
  5. Green House SF
  6. AGI House Cambridge
  7. LxM MIT → SF
  8. Founder’s Cupid UMich
  9. Design Buddies
Friends from Founder’s Cupid

“Vibes are the moat” - Jack Jay from Persist Ventures

Fund Friends

  1. HF0
  2. ZF
  3. EF

"The average investor relationship lasts longer than a marriage"

Incubators I’ve been affiliated with:

  1. YC
  2. Columbia-Harvard Summer Accelerator
  3. Harvard Innovation Labs
  4. MIT Innovation Initiative
  5. A16Z CSS

“Build something people want” - YC

Things we’re interested in now:

  1. AGI
    1. Doing what was impossible with AI
    2. Anything that feels like magic
  2. Democratization
    1. Abstracting the American Dream
    2. Make good healthcare, housing, education, and admin more accessible
  3. Patriotism
    1. Reduce risk from recessions, pandemics, hacks, and AI
    2. Protecting democracy and democracies

“We’re at the end of history. The world as we know it is ending. What will you do?”

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