Cambridge Seed Overview

  1. Goal: Help student founders start promising startups by providing funding, community, and advice.
  2. People: We look for ambitious, curious, and rule-breaking individuals under 24 who have a strong drive to succeed. Technical skills and grades are less important than character and commitment.
  3. Fellowship: Accepted teams receive $10,000 to cover expenses. If in a house, teams can also opt in to the experimental equity share, which is 2% of company equity for 2% of fund equity.
  4. Community: We provide a supportive community of like-minded founders. Weekly dinners feature talks from experienced founders.
  5. Advice: We offer personalized advice and feedback to help participants navigate the challenges of starting a startup.
  6. Focus: Participants are expected to make their startup their full-time job and live in Cambridge, MA to minimize distractions.
  7. Demo Day: We organize an event where teams can present to investors and apply to accelerators for further funding.